Thursday, July 20, 2017

Changing the Definition

It bothers me when people change the definition of words to try to legitimize their actions or reasoning. Sometimes, those same people like to employ euphemisms to further obfuscate their immorality.

Case in point - Planned Parenthood.

When women have asked for prenatal care at Planned Parenthood, they have been given the response:

“We don’t do prenatal services. I mean, it’s called Planned Parenthood. I know it’s kind of deceiving,” and “We don’t offer prenatal care at Planned Parenthood… we specialize in abortions.”
And what is an abortion? It's a euphemism for killing and dismembering a human being. And the "health care" that Planned Parenthood provides? According to the article about, PP provides less than 2% of the nation's breast exams, but ZERO mammograms. Their "health care" is deadly since at least half of their patients are intentionally murdered. Changing the definition again.

But the Redeemer is good. He can 4give anything. After all he's 4GiVn me.