Thursday, June 9, 2016

Where's the Standard?

In the news recently a swimmer at Stanford was accused of sexual assault. The trial confirmed his guilt, and he faces 6 months in prison and three years probation.

But there has been an outcry that his punishment was not severe enough. So, a group of witches has organized a "mass hexing" upon the Stanford swimmer.

Their group curse again him includes impotence, painful gut, and shame.

But I have to ask: From what standard do the witches pass judgement? What is their standard of right and wrong? From where does that standard arise?

The only universal, immaterial, objective standard by which to be able to judge another would have to come from a universal, immaterial, and objective source. The Creator God has revealed himself through his written word and through his incarnation in Jesus. God's standards of immorality have been broken by all of us, and 4giveness is available only through repentance of sins and faith in Jesus' payment through death and resurrection.

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