Monday, July 27, 2015

Losing Sleep

I imagine there are some very worried execs and doctors at Planned Parenthood, who are losing sleep this week. They are probably wondering if their dirty secrets are about to be revealed in the upcoming releases of more videos from the Center for Medical Progress.

If you were upset by the two previous videos that showed doctors from Planned Parenthood bartering for extra cash as they try to sell body parts from murdered babies, then plan to be upset about a dozen more times.

How many more videos? someone asked.
“About a dozen.”
It makes me so sad that my culture has tolerated and accepted the barbaric practice of infanticide for over 40 years. It's a terrible shame that is has taken the release of ghastly videos to stir some measure of change. I'm sad for my country, and though I know that defunding Planning Parenthood or outlawing abortion won't save the country, I sure do want the the infanticide to end.

Grace is bigger than any sin.

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