Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Republican Victory? Expect Disappointment

The news rang out this morning that the Republican Party won a majority of seats in the Senate, where it had been working at a deficit for the last 8 years. The Republican  Party also shored up its majority in the House of Representatives during yesterday's national elections.

If you have read the current iteration of the Republican Party Platform, there are some great ideas in there:

  • Restoration of Constitutional Order
  • Defending against Activist Judiciary
  • Defense of Marriage
  • Constitutional Budget
  • Voter Integrity
  • Reinforcement of the protection of Constitutional Amendments
  • Recognition of the Sanctity of Life
These are honorable and Constitutional objectives, but you can color me a deep shade of skeptical. The last time that the Republican Party had control of the government of the United States, it boasted majorities in the House, the Senate and the executive branch (George W. Bush.) That president also was able to appoint (and have confirmed) two judges to the Supreme Court. Yet with all of the "positives" from that political season in America, there was:

Thankfully, our salvation is not found in politics. This nation needs a spiritual awakening. The government can try to force non-Christians to exercise Christian values, but this is worthless. True change of heart is available only through the saving grace of Jesus. So temper your expectations and pray for revival!