Sunday, August 24, 2014

What if the water had a different meaning?

In the early dog-days of the summer in 2014 (I'm writing for posterity too) the proverbial gauntlet was dropped. Gauntlet? Too old for some of you? An ultimatum. A dare. A Contest. A Provocation.

Here's how the dare goes:

  1. Get someone to video you telling everyone that you accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from your provocateur
  2. Get someone to poor ice cold water on you
  3. Jump around a yell, "That is freezing cold!!!!!"
  4. Challenge someone else or maybe a few people to do the same.
  5. You could also pledge a donation to ALSA for research to end the terrible ALS disease. 
    1. It has come to my attention that has one division of their research that uses embryonic stem cells. In this research the human embryo is killed and many people disagree with this...including me. So, if you feel the need to donate to ALSA, please designate your funds to be directed away from the embryonic stem cell research. 
I think challenges are awesome. It can motivate people to do things that they would not have otherwise done. It can inspire the greatest performances, and it can push people to their limits. So, I don't want to pour cold water on this challenge...but I'm going to freeze it right there.

Having said that, as Christians, are we sharing the gospel with as much fervor as we are challenging others to dump cold ice on their heads. Being immersed in the Living Water has far greater value. Wouldn't we rather see them baptized into eternal life?

Take the ice bucket challenge. Then I challenge you to pray for and share the gospel with someone who needs life.

Luke 5:17-26 Some friends bring a paralytic man to Jesus for healing. His obvious need is to be healed from the paralysis. It strikes me as so poignant that Jesus ignores the man's obvious physical needs and forgives the man's sins. Jesus knew the man's REAL needs and the value of eternal forgiveness. But to show them that he was indeed the Messiah, he also healed the man's physical needs.

ALS is a terrible physical ailment for which scientists should research a cure. Sin and the punishment for sin are even worse. All Christians should be praying for and sharing the gospel with someone who needs Jesus...and we ALL need Jesus.