Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stop Global Whining

Sometimes, I think this post title could fit for most of the large political events in the country. Today's edition of "Stop Global Whining" regards the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the right of Hobby Lobby to run their business with a little more freedom than they would have had if they would have had to comply with the shackles of ObamaCare.

It's not a complete victory, but now Hobby Lobby does not have to pay for their female employees to murder their children. The progressives in the country are all bent out of shape because they continue to misunderstand the role of the Constitution and the government in general. Starting at the source, Justice Ginsberg said in her dissenting option:
[The Hobby Lobby decision will] deny legions of women who do not hold their employers’ beliefs access to contraceptive coverage.

Justice Ginsberg seems not to understand the situation. Hobby Lobby does not intend to stop women from killing their children, they just do not intend to PAY for it. Matt Walsh, as only he can, elaborates:
These claims are unabashedly dishonest because they fail to take into account two important points: A) Hobby Lobby covers birth control. I say again: Hobby Lobby covers birth control. B) Whether any employer covers birth control or not, none are trying to stop women from accessing it. The issue here is whether a private company should be forced to pay for birth control, not whether it should be allowed to sneak into your house at night and check to make sure you don’t have a bottle of Yaz in your medicine cabinet. 

If your boss is in your bedroom, call the police. Or stop inviting him in. When you ask him to pay for what you do in the bedroom, you are inviting him in. Want him out? Good. Then stop making your birth control into a national headline. Deal with it yourself, privately. 

Not to be outdone, Bob Beckel appeared on Fox News stammering excitedly that now Orthodox Jewish business owners have the power to ‘tell their employees they can’t use electricity on Saturdays.’...Indeed, it takes the special lunacy of a man like Beckel to confuse ‘I’m not going to pay for this’ with ‘you cannot have this, even if you pay for it yourself.’
While this ruling is a tiny step in the right direction, people need to understand that the entire idea of government "giving" or "providing" rights to corporations to be exempt from government mandates is insanely backwards. The government does not grant rights to the people. The Constitution exists to protect the people's rights against the tyranny of the government.

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