Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tim Tebow deserves an apology

There's not much to add to this posting by Matt Walsh, but people need to be wary about not being overly effusive with praise when gay people make the news.

Plenty of people have already said it, but it’s true that many of the Michael Sam cheerleaders are hypocrites of the lowest sort. Say what you will about Tim Tebow; one thing you can’t deny is that the dude was told loudly, harshly, and frequently, to ‘keep his religion to himself.’ Football isn’t a place for religion, they said.
But football is a place for sexual identity discussions?

I've talked with a friend of mine about how the gay agenda will affect enrollment, grants, and employment at openly Christian universities. Will the government deny grants/scholarships/loans to students who choose to go to Biola, LeTourneau University, or Oklahoma Baptist University? Will this persecution cause Christian universities to change their hiring practices...or will the lower enrollments cause them to close their doors?

I do not consider myself a homophobe as I've had friends who are gay. Like everyone, we are all sinners in need of repentance and the grace provided by Jesus's sacrifice. Gay people have simply chosen to define themselves by their a thief might come out of the closet saying that he is a criminal.

In the end, maybe Tim Tebow can get a chance to share the good news with Michael Sam, and Sam will choose to follow Christ.

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