Friday, March 7, 2014

That's Six Too Many

My kids hate it when I say, "If you can't govern yourself, someone will govern for you." And that has become the state of our State.

With the failure of men to be strong leaders in their home and take responsibility for their families, morality has evaporated like puddle of water in the Texas summer.

There is a definite problem that the unborn have been devalued to the point where killing them has been deemed acceptable by our society. Even the "strongest" of the pro-choice arguments utterly fail when opposed by logic and standards of morality. But since people continue to be unable to govern themselves, the state has had to step in to protect humanity. By September 1st, all but six abortion clinics in Texas will be closed.

I confess that I'm very happy that the places which are killing little children can no longer conduct business. It would have been my preference, though that the people, who were doing the killing, would have closed their own doors knowing that what they were doing was wrong. Instead, when their doors are closed for them, they respond with,

"I've tried to keep them open and lost a lot money." - Whole Woman's Health CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller

Killing human children is worth a lot of money according to the abortion industry. It's time for men to take responsibility for their actions and protect their families rather than tear them apart.