Wednesday, May 29, 2013


People are looking fervently for purpose and meaning. They are looking everywhere for this purpose except from where they might actually find it.

I love reading news reports and keeping track of the the things going on in the world. This news article caught my eye, but I couldn't help but notice at the end of the article, a longing for purpose in the midst of a seemingly mundane place.

It looks like a strange life-form, like seeing translucent plankton in the sea, lighting up in certain parts... and you wonder what's going on in the darker parts, what kind of life, or activity, is concealed.
We are not seeing the life of individual human beings, but the life of the species as a whole, as if the species was one organism, pulsating like a jellyfish. Maybe it represents our collective existence?

 Or take people's addiction to Facebook...I'm as guilty as everyone else. People want to be noticed or respected or valued...or find meaning in their virtual interactions on social media.

Thankfully, we do have value. But this value is not from others, which could subsequently be taken away. It's not even from ourselves.

Our value/purpose/meaning comes from the Creator. Twice, we have been given immense value. As God's image bearers we have value as his creations, and secondly we are redeemed from the slavery of sin by the exorbitant price of Heavenly Father's own Son. Our redemption comes not because we are better than anyone is simply a recognition of His grace and the repentance of sin.

He loves you, and that gives you purpose and meaning in this life.

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