Friday, June 29, 2012

Missed Again!

Have you seen the old Peanuts cartoons with Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy, Lucy, and the rest of the gang? Charlie Brown always wears that same yellowish-orange shirt with the black zigzag stripe along his belly. They do a little clip during each show where Lucy holds a football for Charlie Brown to kick. The sad thing is that in every episode as Charlie is going to kick the ball, Lucy moves it at the last second and poor Charlie whiffs the kick, goes feet-first up in the air, and smacks down on his back. So, before each attempted kick as Lucy is enticing the boy to have courage, step up and kick it, Charlie Brown is questioning in his mind if THIS will be the time that he actually gets to kick the ball. Alas, every time he is fooled.

It appears that voters have taken the role of Charlie Brown and the Republican Party establishment is wearing Lucy's clothes. Every election cycle, the establishment candidate dangles the bait of fiscal responsibility or an end to abortion or the nomination of Constitutionally-strict judges or some-such conservative carrot. 

If the latest judgement on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is any indication, the government will continue to entice voters (from both parties) to put up their money for "The Most Important Election in the History of the Country!" so that the other party does not take away X. Where X is the current bait for voters. 

When George W Bush was running his campaign against his democratic counterpart, one of the baits thrown out to lure conservatives was that the next president will probably nominate two judges, and we want to make sure that a Republican present is in office to nominate strict Constitutionalist judges so that we can end abortion and shrink government and get back to the way the country was intended to be run. As it turns out, George W Bush did win the election, and he did nominate two judges, but the evidence is now indisputable that he did not nominate conservative judges as promised. With his ruling on ACA, the Chief Justice Roberts has indeed made himself into an activist judge.

Now it is being recycled that THIS is the "Most Important Election in the History of the Country!" For Democrats, the temptation for their base is "Send money in to support us so that we can keep this progress that our valiant president has fought for. The evil Republicans are trying to take away your healthcare, and they want you to die without access to healthcare!" For Republicans, the mantra is "Send money in to support us so that we can strike down this obviously unConstitutional law. The evil Democrats are trying to take away your hard-earned money and freedom. They want you to die when healthcare is rationed according to their awful Obamacare law!"

It's about money for these scoundrels…both parties! 

So, Charlie will you make another attempt to kick the football and vote for the latest establishment candidate? Be prepared to end up flat on your back yet again with Lucy holding your wallet. But she'll bat her eyes and look alluring enough for you to try again in four years.

Forget the football; it's time to kick Lucy to the curb.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Can you trust him?

The guy you're going to vote for...can you trust him? Would you trust him with your daughter (Gingrich)? Is he looking to make a name for himself (Romney)? Or is he looking to help restore America's founding values? Is he consistent as a statesman or does he change his views based on his audience (Santorum)?

You may not like every single thing that Ron Paul stands for, but you can trust him. You can trust that he is not running a presidential campaign to fatten his pocketbook or get into the history books. His voting record is spotless (no voting for tax hikes, pay raises for himself, raising the debt ceiling, or unbalanced budgets.) The only thing that people are able to attack him on is that he is unelectable. What does that even mean?...especially since he's been elected to congress 12 times! The only other things that people attack him with are outright ignorance or slander (Iran, isolationist, marijuana...) Please check out what his REAL views are about these issues before quoting CNN.

I sat here tonight wondering if I should write this blog entry at all. "People will think I'm crazy" or "It's too late, because the Mormon has got the nomination wrapped up" or "I'm too tired." Well, I'm not giving up and telling my kids someday that I did nothing to help stand up for what was unpopular but right. The government should follow the Constitution, and the only one with the titanium backbone that is willing to stand against the lobbyists, liberals, and launderers (Fed, banksters) is Ron Paul. So, I made a donation to the Ron Paul campaign and I'm writing this blog entry.

I believe the country is being lead in the wrong direction, and the current leadership along with those leading the Republican polls are driving the country in the same direction. How many of you are extremely excited about Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney as your candidate? The only thing he stands for is that he is not Obama. Please don't for the the un-Obama. Vote for somebody that you can trust!

The leadership is a reflection of the people at large, and so if our leadership is poor, then the people at large make poor decisions. So, part of Ron Paul's campaign, and most of the reason that I write this blog entry is to help educate the people, who don't know the depths of the issues or how they affect your family/future.

Ultimately, politics will not save us, but until Christ returns, we should want to live in a country that has the greatest amount of liberty to share the gospel with the greatest effect.