Monday, September 26, 2011

The Days of Lamech

Have you ever been to the "Old World"? You know, Italy or Egypt or someplace with significant amounts history? Do you remember that tingling feeling of excitement that you got as you gazed at the creative works of Michelangelo or the Pharaohs? Has your breath been taken away as you walk along the ramparts of a thousand year old Scottish castle or the miles of the Great Wall in China?

That's the feeling I got when I was reading Jon Saboe's latest work, The Days of Lamech. We've heard bits and pieces about the heroes of old, but Saboe weaves a stimulating tale that is both biblically plausible and captivating to read.

Ever wonder who the Nephilim were or what part they had to play in history? What might the pre-flood world have been like? Is the biblical account of a global flood scientifically accurate or even possible? All of these questions have answers, and Saboe composes this novel filled with documentary-level credibility enveloped in an action-driven storyline so that the reader never realizes they are learning while reading.

The ending is outstanding, so don't let the 500 pages intimidate you into submission!

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