Monday, May 9, 2011

Terrible Tsunami Tragedy

The destructive force of water is enormous! We've just recently witnessed how a single earthquake and the subsequent tsunami brought devastation to the people of Japan.

Imagine what three or five or ten simultaneous tsunamis would be like. Genesis 7:11 says that the fountains of the great deep burst forth, which would have cracked the earth's crust like an eggshell. The continental plates would be moving, sliding, and colliding…earthquakes and erupting volcanos like the world has never since seen. This would have caused simultaneous tsunamis all over the earth. Not to mention the forty days of torrential rain to which the Bible refers.

What evidence of this uber-catastrophe can be seen today? Surely, something so devastating would be etched all over the Earth.
    •    Billions of dead things, buried as fossils in sedimentary rock
    •    Pancake-flat layers of rock with little or no erosion between layers
    •    Sorted layers rather than mixed
    •    Poly-strata fossils
    •    Fossils at every elevation of mountains

Sadly, the destruction of the ante-diluvian world was caused by a preponderance of sin and mankind's failure to honor and thank God as he deserved. God still hates sin today, so let's recommit to purging sin from our lives and honoring God with our whole lives.

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