Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is it Noah's Ark?

We had a question today in our Christian Worldview of Origins class about whether the recently discovered remains on the mountains of Ararat are actually the historical timbers from Noah's Ark.

I am optimistically cautious that the find "holds water" to speak. Some of the positive signs so far:
1) It is in the right place (it fits the Biblical description of the mountains of Ararat.)
2) It is 5000 feet above the tree line and human civilizations
3) It is buried or partially buried in a mountain glacier. (this is useful only to note that it would be very diffi...practically impossible to haul tons of lumber UNNOTICED up this tall mountain, construct it, and imbed it in a glacier so that it appears to have been there for 4500 years.)

Obviously, many people will be anxious to rebuke the claims of authenticity, but we should watch for their motives.

You can follow an ongoing discussion about the news and developments of this story at


Kevin Bulgrien said...

This issue makes me think of the constancy of God. I read about the ark when I was young... It surprised me to see news that seemed to imply it was was discovered "again".

How quickly people forget...

Historicus said...

It's good to be cautious when reading about this discovery. But if it shows to withstand scrutiny, it would be the most amazing archeological discovery ever found.