Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Fossil Record. What Does it Actually Show?

Does it show long ages (billions of years) of slowly changing species into modern animals? Or is it a poignant confirmation of the biblical account of catastrophe because of man's sin?

The fossil record is exactly what you would expect to find based on the biblical account in Genesis 7-9.

Check out the images from this blog. You'll see dinosaurs and fish buried so quickly and so catastrophically, that the meal they were eating was only half-way in their mouth! There are a few pictures of a dinosaur "graveyard"...jumbled bones all broken and disorganized as though a flood had trapped hundreds of dinosaurs and buried them under tons of sediment.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the add, Historicus!

Keep contending for the faith once delivered!
Rev Tony Breeden

Historicus said...


I ran across your blog just this week while researching for fossil dinosaurs. Thank you for your posts and for your commitment to the Creator!

Kevin Bulgrien said...

I wonder how many people it occurs to as they mow their lawn, etc... that it is mind boggling to think how many living things died to create such vast quantities of oil.

So, how many dead things does it take to make a barrel of oil anyway? From there, it is interesting to think about the characteristics of God and how judgment can bring blessing 1000's of years later. When I refrigerate my groceries, cook my food, etc. How many lives contributed to that via oil or coal?

Historicus said...

Why didn't God just simply wipe out mankind and his wickedness?

I think the reason is so that as we look today, the results of the flood are melancholy reminders of God's hatred for sin. If He had simply vaporized mankind for their sin, what evidence would it have left for us today to be reminded of God's Holy judgment?