Monday, October 26, 2009

It's more important than Christians think

I've heard people say it. I've read it on blogs and articles.

"It's just a side issue." "It's not that important." "As long as you believe the words that Jesus said, you don't have to worry about that other stuff."

What side issue or unimportant thing or other stuff might these people be talking about?

Biblical Creation as described in Genesis.

Can someone be a Christian and not believe in the Genesis account of creation and the the worldwide flood? Absolutely. However, I am trying to persuade them with love and compelling evidences, there are close friends of mine that do not believe in the creation as described in Genesis.

If it's not required for salvation, why is it so important?

Read this excerpt from an interview of Richard Dawkins by Hugh Hewitt:

HH: Did you ever believe in God, Richard Dawkins?
RD: Of course, I was a child.
HH: And when did you put off your foolish belief in God?
RD: When did I put away childish things?
HH: Yes.
RD: At the age of about fifteen.
HH: And under who’s influence was it?
RD: I suppose it was the influence, not of Darwin directly, but of the education in evolution that I was receiving.
HH: And did you just up and one day declare that’s it, no God?
RD: No, it was a more gradual process than that, as it was with Darwin himself. I mean, he gradually lost his faith.

Public educators get the current generation of youth for about 30 hours a week. Nearly 100% of the science/worldview teaching is favorable or indoctrinating regarding the teaching of evolution. If today's youth spend 1-2 hours a week in Sunday school, are they getting enough information to counter the humanistic/materialist dogma of the atheists?
In the media, TV shows, internet, radio, etc...our youth are exposed to the poisonous attitude of our culture regarding the Bible. The most potent toxin in this poison is evolution.

When looking at the evidence with Biblical lenses rather than atheistic lenses, the creation account in Genesis is perfectly fact, likely. Likely? Can it be proven 100%?

That's where faith comes in (Hebrews 11:1). Faith in the reliability of God. Nothing in God's Word has ever proven to be false or wrong. The opposite is true...the more scientists/scholars learn and uncover, the more reliable God's word is proven to be.
Creation is not a side issue, because when our youth (and even adults) are not exposed to a Biblical worldview starting in Genesis and prepared for the atheist's attacks, they will be ripe for crashing hard and leaving the church forever.