Saturday, October 4, 2008

Obama, McCain, Biden agree

They all agreed in voting to give tax payer money for the bailout and more pork.

This article has the grizzly details that show not only $1.8 TRILLION in bailing out unethical/ineffective financial institutions but 442 pages of straight pork.

Ron Paul has a reasonable plan, and for whom does Dr. Paul plan to vote? Chuck Baldwin.


Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

You made your point about Chuck Baldwin, but voting for him will not deter Obama from getting elected. Vote for McCain!

Historicus said...

While McCain is not as bad as Obama, a vote for McCain is still a vote for a bad candidate. Why not vote for a good candidate?

When you vote, you're saying, "I give this person the right to speak on my behalf." McCain does not speak for me.

The Republican party will continue to put substandard nominees if Christians continue to vote for them.