Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Every Vote Counts...Except Republicans

I got his little blurb from the blog site of Vox Popoli. He's pretty clever

If you call yourself a conservative and you vote for McCain, you should be aware of two things. First, you are not a conservative. Second, you are an idiot. As I wrote on Monday, only a vote for McCain is a wasted vote because it's the only vote that will not provide you what you think you're going to get. The left-liberal votes for Obama and knows he'll get socialism and multi-culturalism in one way or another. (The pacifist, on the other hand, will be disappointed.) The third-party voter votes third party and knows he'll get nothing. The non-voter doesn't vote and doesn't get what he isn't expecting.

The Republican voter, on the other hand, usually votes for conservatism, constitutional judges and small government, but only gets liberalism, activist judges and big government. That's why it is the Republican vote that is truly the wasted one.

Now, I do NOT agree that you are an idiot if you vote for McCain (although many idiots will vote for him.) Without a doubt, decent and intelligent people will vote for him, because they are against Obama's policies. Having said that, I think a better choice is obviously Baldwin.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Obama, McCain, Biden agree

They all agreed in voting to give tax payer money for the bailout and more pork.

This article has the grizzly details that show not only $1.8 TRILLION in bailing out unethical/ineffective financial institutions but 442 pages of straight pork.

Ron Paul has a reasonable plan, and for whom does Dr. Paul plan to vote? Chuck Baldwin.