Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stealing Candy From a Baby

How do you feel about a bad guy taking something from a small child without asking? A just person is outraged at the prospect.

This year alone our government has taken $1.6 trillion from Jessica, Mark, Kristofer, AJ, JL, Junior, and 50 million other children.

How do Obama and McCain feel about the government stealing from your kids?
"Both Obama and McCain have since said the government's plan to lend AIG $85 billion was regrettable but necessary."

The Republicans and Democrats have become fat-cats expecting the American people to fund bad fiscal policies and windfall retirement packages for CEOs of fiduciary failures.

What does the Constitution Party think about stealing from you and your children?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

This man speaks for me

Imagine with me that you're on the committee to replace your church's senior pastor. There are about a half dozen applicants, but two men have really impressed the committee. They each have plans on how to lead the church forward.

One of the principle applicants is a smooth public speaker, and would be an impressive pastor. It would open up opportunities for increased revenue because his speaking abilities could be broadcast on TV and the Internet. Many people would pay to see his fantastic messages, and because he is young, handsome, and sharp, many people will be ready to give money to support his policies. The only problem with his applicant status is that he has many policies and positions which are against conservative biblical doctrine. He intends to take the church in a direction that is less evangelical and extremely more progressive on social issues.

The other main applicant is not so brilliant a public speaker, but his long and distinguished service at other congregations is well known. He is known to have only one serious moral failure when he divorced his disabled wife to marry a rich young woman. As opposed to the other main applicant, most of his policies agree with biblical doctrine. One of the principle reservations you have with this applicant is that as you look at his former congregations, he was financially irresponsible and left his congregations in deep debt when he moved on. The other reservation you have with his candidacy is that from talking to the deacons in his former churches, he acted as though he were not bound by the rules of the individual churches.

Most everyone on the committee plans to vote for one of these two applicants. They are notable and well-known in the congregation.

But there is also a third applicant that not many have heard of. He has lived a life that confirms the policies and tactics by which he plans to lead. He has never led a church congregation before, but he has been financially responsible is his past business ventures. In your personal interview with him, you found that he agreed with you on how to lead the church in a Biblical manner, how to conduct one's life as a disciple outside church walls, and how to be a good financial steward.

Now it is time for you to vote. Almost everyone in the room has voted for one of the original notable applicants. Your vote could swing the results one way or the other. But you have serious disagreements with the main applicants.

By your vote, you will be saying, "I give this applicant the right to speak for me in matters of church policy and the direction of the church."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Binary Politics

Many things in life are binary. You know, ON or OFF. Pregnant or not. Alive or dead. How many of you can resonate with me when I say, it's either saved, or the stupid computer had an "Unknown Windows Error" right when had finished typing for 3 hours…and it's gone forever?

Many things in life are not binary. It's not exactly north, but it's not really west either. She's not black or white, she's got a rich heritage from several ethnicities. Was that the best or worst meal you've ever had? Somewhere in between. Was that show funny or dreadful? It was humorous, but not exactly lame. Is that person smart or a moron? Well, he's smarter than Al Gore, but not as smart as Einstein.

Should our presidential candidate be spoon-fed to us as a binary option? It's very frustrating, but it seems to be getting worse each day. "You have to vote for Evil1 or Evil2". And, "If you don't want Evil2 to be president, then you better vote for Evil1." "Just imagine what Evil2 will do to our country if you refuse to vote for Evil1."

The conservative news commentators are saying, "We better band together to vote Evil1 into office because Evil2 can wreck this country." Even James Dobson is now saying, "I might vote for Evil1, because I don't want Evil2 to be president." Most of my friends say, "Well, we don't really like Evil1, but he's better than Evil2."

It's really a shame that the "conservative" media have not mentioned the third option, Chuck Baldwin. This past weekend, my sister asked, "Who's He?" She listens to Christian radio, faithfully attends a Bible believing church, and subscribes to the conservative news magazine, World, but she has never heard of Chuck Baldwin. It's a shame that the media sources in which many Christians trust have completely ignored this presidential candidate. Check out his website; he stands for everything you'd expect a Christian to stand for…everything YOU stand for. So why are Christians voting for Evil1? Please post your comments, so we can discuss.

I'll even start the first obvious question, "Why would someone throw away their vote by voting for someone who is not one of our binary choices?"