Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What was the world like shortly after the flood?

I'm not sure exactly what it was like, but Jon Saboe writes a fantastic book called The Days of Peleg that describes a plausible history of culture, science, linguistics, geography, and more from this time period. One of the most fascinating accomplishment of the book is that you can almost follow along in Genesis 10-14.

Saboe has obviously spent countless months researching the Bible, the flood geology, ancient history, ancient religions, and the sources of many old myths as he weaves a tale of adventure about several characters within the ancestral line of Jesus.

If you're not on my waiting list for borrowing my book, you can get it at Amazon, but don't be discouraged by the price, because the book is almost 600 pages so your page to dollar ratio is quite good. Oooopps, maybe the length will discourage you, but, I promise, when you run out of pages to read, you'll wish it were longer.

One of the blessings I received after reading it was a desire to dig deeper into God's word and study it to see if the things written by Saboe were plausible within the Biblical framework. His work is pleasantly in line with God's word. And with so many contemporary authors (Dan Brown, Dick Dawkins, Sam Harris, hitchens...) vehemently attacking the Bible, it is refreshing to read a book that is encouraging, edifying, and enlightening.


Jon Saboe said...

What on honor to find my book reviewed here!

This is such a wonderful blogspot, and I'm happy to be included.

Thanks so much!

Jon Saboe
Author: 'The Days of Peleg'

Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

I'm proud to call you grandson!

Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

I'm proud to call you grandson!

Anonymous said...
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