Wednesday, March 19, 2008

He doesn't have practical answers...

I was talking to a friend the other day on a short road trip, and the conversation turned to politics. Trying to stay within the bounds of propriety (i.e. not shouting Ron Paul is the only valid candidate), I merely asked what he thought of Ron Paul's fiscal ideas.

His response was troubling to me. "He doesn't have practical answers. He doesn't seem to know what he's talking about", was a close paraphrase of his reply.

I have to heartily disagree with my friend in this issue. As posted before, politics will not save us. But since we are currently in the paradigm of being able to choose our leadership, I hope that all Christians will thoughtfully and prayerfully choose their government. I'll try to post a few links and ideas to help in the "thoughtfully" part of this equation.

Could any of the presidential candidates from this year answer any of these questions (shown below in video form on YouTube) from Ron Paul without purposefully re-directing the question to "Dr. Paul, does your candidacy even have ANY legitimacy?" or "Did you know that supports your candidacy?" or "Why do you hate the 9/11 victims so much?"

The candidates for president in this election have all been thrown softball questions. None of them have shown substance with integrity that is beyond reproach...except for Dr. Paul.

Obviously, he will not win the election this year, but the ideas to which he holds true have been planted, and when future candidates seek your vote, look for these constitutional ideals.

UPDATE: Ron Paul knows economics. He understands the relatedness of economics to foreign and domestic policies. However, he is not a celebrity like Hillary Clinton, who does not even being to understand economic policy.

The Brites

Atheists like to refer to themselves as the Brights...obviously because they are "smarter" than anyone who believes in God. Since Darwinism is the principle pillar in the atheistic worldview, showing the massive flaws in Darwinism reveals the emptiness and futility of atheism.

I've stumbled across a new website which mocks their self-appointed title and reveals the hypocrisy of many of their Darwinian claims. It's written from the perspective of the Darwinists in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. Check out the headline archive for barrels of laughs.

After you've read a few, come back here and comment on your favorite article.

UPDATE: Has anyone seen the new Dr. Dick video? Dawkins actually thought it was pro-atheism until his friends informed him that he was being mocked.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What was the world like shortly after the flood?

I'm not sure exactly what it was like, but Jon Saboe writes a fantastic book called The Days of Peleg that describes a plausible history of culture, science, linguistics, geography, and more from this time period. One of the most fascinating accomplishment of the book is that you can almost follow along in Genesis 10-14.

Saboe has obviously spent countless months researching the Bible, the flood geology, ancient history, ancient religions, and the sources of many old myths as he weaves a tale of adventure about several characters within the ancestral line of Jesus.

If you're not on my waiting list for borrowing my book, you can get it at Amazon, but don't be discouraged by the price, because the book is almost 600 pages so your page to dollar ratio is quite good. Oooopps, maybe the length will discourage you, but, I promise, when you run out of pages to read, you'll wish it were longer.

One of the blessings I received after reading it was a desire to dig deeper into God's word and study it to see if the things written by Saboe were plausible within the Biblical framework. His work is pleasantly in line with God's word. And with so many contemporary authors (Dan Brown, Dick Dawkins, Sam Harris, hitchens...) vehemently attacking the Bible, it is refreshing to read a book that is encouraging, edifying, and enlightening.