Thursday, December 27, 2007

Politics won't save us, but...

...please don't vote for Huckabee in the primaries. When I have more time, I'm going to write a more complete article about why Christians should vote for Ron Paul in the primaries.

The media are denouncing Paul because he's a fruitcake and he wants to change things. Well, the government needs to be changed. We need to realize that just because something operates a certain way, does not mean it is the RIGHT way.

Was there a Department of Homeland Security 4 years ago? Dad, do you remember when FEMA was created? 1979. One year later, the government bloated itself by creating the Department of Education? Does anyone know for what this department is responsible? The IRS has been around a little bit longer, but the only reason the IRS is around is to fund the swollen budget, pork projects, and illegal departments. Obviously, the founders of the constitution did not feel it necessary to create more federal government to deal with these things. They purposefully left the responsibilities for these tasks to the states.

I'm glad Bush nominated some conservative judges, but he has not followed the Constitution, and our country will suffer for it for a long time...Huckabee will follow in Bush's footsteps, who was simply following in the footsteps of many presidents before him down the path, ingloriously paved with the remnants of the Constitution.


Anonymous said...

change is definately needed, and Hucakaby and Thompson and Romney all are old political school and will do same ole stuff;

what happened to keyes? We need to get back to the written Constitution, not the subjective intrepations - like following the written WORD of scripture and not man's shallow intrepation.

Jonathan Mitchell said...

What's intrepation?

I am not as politically active as perhaps I should be. In fact, my small group will be doing a series of lessons on a recent movie - Amazing Grace. We will be discussing many issues introduced in the movie such as human equality, grace, and perhaps determination. However, as I noticed watching it the second time around, I expect we shall also talk about William's rightful activity in politics. My belief that God alone brings revival has caused an indifference towards politics. I realize that God can use WHATEVER/WHOEVER he wants. So, as one who could improve in such an area, I'm interested in the coming discussions.

By the way, if you haven't seen Amazing Grace,.... you should.

Jon Saboe said...

I'm afraid my latest political philosophy is: "Come quickly, Lord Jesus"!

Historicus said...


That's not such a bad philosophy. But until He comes back, I'm hoping that my country does not sink deeper into socialism. Too many politicians today simply want to keep power rather than do what's best for the country.

I think Ron Paul and his principled approach really had a chance to turn it around.

Jon Saboe said...

Your key-word there, is 'hoping', (not the Obamah kind!).

Yes I continue to hope and pray that our country will have a few more years of true freedom, and that Godlessness and Marxism will not continue to encroach.

I know we're not supposed to 'live by sight', but we also know that, in the end, only HIS return will restore Creation.

Only when He is on the throne in Jerusalem will we see a perfect, libertarian society led by One who is infalable and with no court of appeals.

Greg Johnston said...

I'm afraid my latest political philosophy is: "Come quickly, Lord Jesus!" . . .

I know we're not supposed to 'live by sight', but we also know that, in the end, only HIS return will restore Creation

Creation renewal has already started. It did so when He raised Jesus from the dead and continued when he revitalized our mortal bodies with his Spirit (Romans 8).

Part of living in a fallen world - including a fallen political world in which the "principalities and powers" still hold a vestige of power - is understanding how to be his kingdom people, salt and light, his new creation, people of the cross, in that world. Paul suggests that to the extent that the new kingdom people actually become the new creation in which God's reign of he peace (unity) and justice (agape) is realized (Isa 2.1-4, 42.1-4), to that extent will his eternal purposes be accomplished "through the church" (Eph 1.9-10, 3.10-11). At least so it seems to me.

And it seems to follow that our priority as the people of God should be on implementing this reign of peace and justice within the kingdom community of Christ, and not so much on getting the emperor and empire squared away. We will achieve more in the empire by loving our neighbor and our enemies than by getting "the right guy" into office and "the right laws" passed. I'm not saying the one isn't important. I'm just proposing a priority: Seek first the kingdom and his righteousness/justice.

Greg Johnston said...

I forgot to say what I started out to say: Part of the prayer, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as in heaven" is a prayer that Yahweh's reign of peace and justice be realized through his people, but part of it includes the prayer, "Come quickly, Lord Jesus."

Historicus said...

Amen! Come SOON Lord Jesus. Only You can save us.