Thursday, August 16, 2007

How Important is Our Reputation?

I’m sorry for the long delay between postings. Those Darwinists really get me riled up, and I haven’t gotten any of them to post on this blog…yet.

A friend of mine commented this week that his reputation was in jeopardy because of someone he knew, who was making some bad choices. He’s in a teaching role, and he said he’d rather step down from his teaching role if those listening to him did not show positive changes.

It got me thinking about our role as Christians. I think it is our job to share the gospel, it is the Holy Spirit’s role to do the convicting, and it is the listener’s role to effect repentance in their lives. Whether or not we see change in people’s lives, we still need to be sharing the truth of the gospel to those whom we have been called to share.

Can these thoughts be supported biblically? Any references? I’d be interested in your thoughts.


steve mitchell said...

The Holy Spirit convicts of 'sin, righteousness and judgement' John 16:8; Man must be saved by God, a supernatural happening; John 1:13, and John 3:3-5.

We are ambassadors; we may be good ones or bad ones, but the world sees us as ambassadors for Christ; your reputation is important, but it can not in and of itself convince others.

Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

Without the Holy Spirits interaction between those involved nothing can be accomplished. Your father is very smart.