Friday, July 20, 2007

Slouching Towards Gomorrah

Awful! Barbaric! Sadistic! Cruel!

All of these words have been flying around with the indictment of Michael Vick for dog fighting. I've never witnessed sponsored dog-fighting (although our two dogs sometimes have pretty loud if temporary tussles of their own), and I imagine that the dogfights are brutal and cruel...especially for the losers. Our family enjoys our canine pets, and some dogs have even been movie stars and heroes. There's even a United States law prohibiting the organization of and engagement in dog-fighting. But in the end, they're just dogs.

Where's the loud outcry for the hundreds or thousands of babies, who are barbarically and sadistically killed in the name of convenience? The cries of these human beings fall on the deaf (and apparently dumb) ears of the media. Hurt a dog or a salamander and PETA warrants prime time coverage on every station in America. But kill a defenseless child by abortion and the media is content to sweep this under the rug of freedom.

Disclaimer: Our home hosts several pets, and we do not mistreat them in any way. My sister is a wildlife rehabilitator. The Bible instructs mankind to rule over the animals and the planet with prudence. I hope cruelty to animals becomes a thing of the past. But the value of human life has been and continues to be degraded when these animal mistreatment trials gain popularity over real problems.

Prediction: Michael Vick will probably not do jail time for dog-fighting. He'll plea-bargain and get a huge fine and community service after being found guilty of an activity you you find somewhere on TV right now...gambling.


Anonymous said...

Man is a moral creature, and like it or not, God has given them a conscience. Some have elevated the importance of an issue (dog or rooster fighting) in order to placate themselves for having a hard heart about abortion.

Keep up the good fight!!

Anonymous said...

good observation, dad. It is said that Vick's indictment is going to be bad for the NFL, especially for the Falcons. It takes character from the league. With recent news, it is said that Donaghy's cheating is going to be bad for the NBA. It takes integrity from the league. What many do not realize is that abortion is going to be (already is) bad for humanity itself. It takes God-given value from the human life.