Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's not MY nephew!

It's pretty amazing how far PETA or other evolutionists will go to link chimps to humans.
After reading the article (you can click the picture to zoom in) what do you think of these 2 statements?
a) "Activists want to ensure that the apes don't wind up homeless..."
b) "Their food and veterinary bills run about $6800 a month."


Jonathan Mitchell said...

"homeless"? Where do chimps normally live? Malibu? I thought that's why they want us out of the rainforest or whatever.

$6800 a month?!?! He must have a GREAT job!

What happens if Hiasl bites one of his keepers? Would he be prosecuted in a court of law? "Your honor, my client is innocent. He loves his keeper. It was a love bite." 6-9 months time in prison.... How weird would that be?

This is all very ridiculous.

Historicus said...

I suppose, if the beast bites it's keeper and was sent to prison, it wouldn't be homeless!

$6800 a month rounds up to $100,000 a year just for room and board. Those apes are like Paris Hilton with fur.

steve mitchell said...

declare a chimp a person, but allow unborn babies to be slaughtered becasue they are unwanted
what a society in which we live!!

Anonymous said...

what was jonathan doing up at 5:15AM??

Tiller said...

How many of these APES get $6800 a month? If we were to send that money to any foster home they could put it to much better use on HUMANS. Either that or donate that much to an actual Homeless shelter to help provide clothing and education for our homeless to help them get jobs, that is if all the jobs arent taken up by the illegal aliens or chimps