Monday, June 25, 2007

Great CIY Conference

We just got back from the Durango, Colorado CIY (Christ In Youth) summer conference last night. It was a little over 1000 miles back to Longview, TX, and it took 2 full days of driving. I'm a little tired of being cooped up in a van, but we did get to see some beautiful country (mostly in colorful Colorado) during the trip home. One of the highlights of the trip home was a snowball fight at a scenic overlook at the top of the Wolf Creek pass. Despite the protests of "No, you'll get Rocky Mountain Fever!" several of the youth and I drank from a fresh spring of melted snow during the same stop.

Thank you, all for your prayers while we were away. To those who were at CIY, thank you also for your prayers.

The Lord did some awesome work in the lives of a lot of youth. I'll post another article later about some of the unique work He did in my life during the conference.

Thank you, CIY, for your incredible ministry. You have some very talented people doing great work for the kingdom!

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