Tuesday, June 26, 2007

#1 Movie in America

Someone asked me this week if I was planning to see Evan Almighty. It’s supposed to be wholesome “family” entertainment. It’s supposed to be funny, and it’s supposed to contain some biblical phrases. I will probably eventually see it, but I do not plan to see it on the silver screen. I’ll probably wait until the library gets a copy, and then check it out.

This article from AIG tells a lot about how I feel about the movie.



Tiller said...

That is a very valid point. I dont think i would have thought about it that way unless i read the article, but now that i have i dont know if the movie portrays my beliefs in a way that i am comfortable considering entertainment. Maybe Biblical movies Should be left out of hollywood who is ultimatley just looking to make a $

steve mitchell said...

Good article; i don't know if i will go see the movie or not, but there will definately be opportunity to discuss the real Flood concepts around the coffee pot at work.

Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

Thank you for posting the article reviewing, "Evan Almighty." A good comparison between the bible and the movie.