Friday, May 18, 2007

Voting in Vain

Should Christians vote for whichever popular/famous Republican wins the nomination in an effort to keep Hillary from winning? Is it about voting for the lesser of 2 evils?

Should Christians consider "throwing away" their vote by voting for a third party that more closely resembles their beliefs?

I propose that Christians are throwing away their vote if they vote for an increasingly liberal and corrupt Republican party--with the exception of a dwindling few upright statesmen and stateswomen.

Our country "enjoyed" the power of a Republican presidency and a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate for 4 years! What Christian principles were advanced during this political "utopia"?

- We still face unlimited abortion
- The government has grown in size and intrusiveness
- Congress still spends more inflated fortunes than Clinton has had mistresses.
- Congress has corrupted itself with no term limits, and they simply legislate to stay in power.
- Public education has simply become liberal brainwashing rather than increasing critical thinking skills.
- We are entangled in more than 1 foreign war, each of which is looking increasingly quagmirish (to clarify, I am not against the war on terror, but the most costly war in history, WW2, only lasted 5 years...and these wars will soon exceed that. We need to finish them decisively without delay.)

What did the 8 year Clintonian hiatus gain?
-Two possibly conservative judges. Hopefully, they will prove to be more closely aligned with conservative/Constitutional principles than the previous supposedly conservative judges like O'Conner and Kennedy.
-No more domestic terrorist attacks.

Salvation is not found in politics. No matter who comes to power, God is in control. Perhaps the realization of another Clinton administration will rally the Christian conservatives to actually do something to change our culture from the inside.

While it won't save us, you can at least keep your integrity by voting for the Constitution Party!


Historicus said...

I keep telling myself, "brevity is a virtue." But my posts seem to be extremely long. I'll work on it, so you won't have to scroll down a page just to read the whole thing.

tbayne said...

I struggle with the "vote for a Republican for the lesser of two evils" syndrome myself. Sometimes, that causes me to not even want to bother because of the corruption that seems apparent on both sides of the political fence. BUT, that's a pretty weak excuse for not using the power of a vote to make a difference. When there are no GREAT alternatives we can at least place our vote for the one(s) that support LIFE....(hoping they keep their promises)...I still battle the temptation to be cynical about it all....

Historicus' Soulmate said...

I am with you all the way Baby! You make a great point and use telling examples to clearly articulate your observation. If the Constitution Party is nowhere near the top of the race, and the future shows it to be not so promising, is my vote being "thrown away". We've had this chat before, but I am interested in hearing your thoughts again. See you tonight. I love you!

Historicus' Soulmate said...

I just made my 1st successful blog entry. Hallelujah! It's only taken me 45 mintues this morning. Thank you for being so patient with me. You look good in your picture.

Historicus said...

In response to HSM when she asks, is she just throwing away a vote when it looks like the Constitution Party will not win. First: As they say, that's why you play the game.
Second: Even if a party loses in 1 year's election, they can measure their success and make effective changes in the next election
Third: Other people see the success that the third party has made and see that it's possible to break the 2 party stronghold.

Both Democrats and Republicans are driving towards the cliff. The democrats have the accelerator pushed to the floor, and the republicans are simply driving towards the cliff at 55mph. Apart from a few conservative statesmen, politicians compromise to stay in power...not make decisions for what's best for America.

Historicus said...

Another thought about voting:

When you vote, you are voting for someone to REPRESENT you. IF you vote for the lesser of 2 evils just because you think they have a chance to win, then you are in effect saying, "This person will make choices in my place."

When you vote, make sure that the person for whom you are voting, truly REPRESENTS you and would make choices most like you.