Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Home School Heaven

One of the blogs that I frequent, voxday.blogspot.com, had a post about home schooling this week. Apparently, the liberals in America do not want anyone to home school because it takes our kids out of their "indoctrination centers" also known as public education. (NOTE: I do not believe that public school teachers are bad...some of our best friends teach in public schools, but so much of the curriculum that kids get today is driven by a radical liberal agenda.) But here's a quote from his blog that I heartily endorse:

If the feminist Left is so concerned about the problem of unpaid homeschooling mothers, there's an easy solution: give them the money that their school district would get if their kids were enrolled in the public school.

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Tiller said...

Most arguments that I have heard against home schooling are socially based. Stating that a child will not have the interaction skills with other people. That makes sense if you put no further thought into it. Fight the initial "knee jerk" reaction and start thinking back. How much of the ciriculum do you use? If you did have a good experience in School as a whole how many people could you name that did not? you know who i am talking about, The kids that where the outcast per say because they didnt fit in. Home Schooling should be judged on an individual basis. If done right and for the right reasons it could be great. As far as the pay of mothers/teachers that home school. You should only have to pay school tax if you have children/ and those children are in public schools. Otherwise that money would be kept by the family as a "tuition" if you will.