Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good Reading

I wish I could write like this:

In it, Roddy Bullock compares Darwinists to the literary character Ahab from Moby Dick. Bullock is exactly right in that Darwinists launch their harpoons at anyone mentioning creation, God, Intelligent Designer, design, or purpose. It's no wonder that schools, "scientific journals", and the media wilt under the pressure from these modern Ahabs to conform to Darwinist dogma. They're afraid they'll be hit with a lawsuit harpoon, or a bad press harpoon.

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Anonymous said...

Moby Dick (and Huck Fin) was fun book with a good story, but I never saw any deeper stuff; now it is being compared to even other, non-related stuff? Oh well. I do know that all darwinist, evolutionists and other of like mind will do whatever is necessary to ignore and avoid a personal GOD; because if they admit there is a God, they are accountable to Him for their actions and beliefs.