Thursday, May 3, 2007


We have had to make some changes in our lives recently. "Had to" may be too strong a phrase except that we feel strongly about this issue, and we have chosen to make some changes. They have not been burdensome, but they are obvious nonetheless.

We bought the Planned Parenthood boycott list from For those who do not know, Planned Parenthood is the world's largest supporter of abortion. The list is filled with corporations that sponsor the most effective killing machine in history, and we have chosen not to purchase their products anymore. Not only that, but we have even written their executives letters to let them know that this movement is going to have an impact on their sales. I would encourage everyone to at least check into the boycott and measure its effectiveness for yourselves.

The hardest change has been finding competing products to Johnson and Johnson (since they are on the list) since they produce SO MUCH stuff. Perhaps this bit of inconvenience will help to curb our connection to the material world and help us fight the acidic effects of materialism.

FYI...this is the first posting on the issue of abortion of what promises to be a common theme here. The best thing about having one's own blog - I can write about whatever I want. :-)

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